What’s Interlibertarians


Together in freedom

INTERLIBERTARIANS is the international association of whatever movements and parties sharing the following fundamental goals:

1. defence of private property from attacks by ruling statalism run by both right- and left-wing constructivists

2. defence of freedom of entrepreneurship against over-regulations which imprison human talents

3. defence of free trade against protectionism, custom tarriffs and duties

4. defence of tax competition in  favour of a future society, once and for all free from taxes, founded on the grounds of subsidiarity, the voluntary sector, free associationism, responsibility and civic concord

5. defence of the value of saving against the monopolizers of money

6. defence of freedom of education as to make our children free from institutional serfdom inculcated by state school

7. defence of freedom of insurance as to repeal the state provision of health care, unemployment, accidents insurance and pensions

Each year will take place in Lugano (Switzerland) the INTERLIBERTARIANS CONFERENCE, which will provide the partecipants with the opportunity to:

a. give evidence of initiatives taken in their own country for the achievement of the above mentioned fundamental goals

b. exchange one another some reciprocal experiences

c. agree on practical common actions, on worldwide level, for the achievement of one or more of the above mentioned goals